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Where to Eat Best Pakistani Desi Food in Lahore?

The best restaurants in Lahore offer delicious food and also cater to the highest hygiene of food prepared by human hands. Various forms of desi food are some of the popular foods that are consumed at the desi Mughlai restaurant around the world. Pakistani desi food is considered one of the most popular food items in Lahore. It has a unique combination of flavors from all across the Indian subcontinent including the north, west, central and eastern subcontinent. Owing to this variety, the top desi restaurants in Lahore serve a variety of Pakistani dishes daily.


Some of the Top Pakistani Desi Restaurants in Lahore are Poet Restaurant Lahore, Bundu Khan Restaurant, and Fazal-e-Haq Dera. These restaurants ensure a perfect blend of taste and hospitality. You would love every mouthful that you receive at any of these restaurants.


Taste The Traditional Pakistani Meals

Some of the other forms of delicacies served in these restaurants are: A hot favorite among the youth, Pakistanis love to taste the traditional Pakistani meals which include the chole, kebabs, and karahi. Some of the popular Pakistani dishes are The famous chicken karahi, mutton karahi, and biryani rice combo, which are famous all over the world. To make it more special, these dishes can be served with various spices. Some of the popular dishes are chicken Hara masala karahi, soups, and other delicacies. To complete the Pakistani food experience, you can also order the famous Punjabi dishes.


Dine-in Historical Monuments

Those who want to taste Pakistani famous cuisine can opt for the last place that comes with the renowned name Poet Restaurant Lahore. The Poet Restaurant Lahore is located at Greater Iqbal Park, Lahore, and is famous for its momentous historical landmarks. The food serves here is the best chicken and mutton cooked authentically. The Pakistani cuisine that is served in this place is very authentic and it makes you realize that this is the cuisine that was first made in this part of the world.


Best Desi Restaurant in Lahore

For those who want to enjoy the delicious food without having to move from their tables, there are many tables and chairs available at the Poet Restaurant in Lahore, which is one of the best restaurants in Lahore. It has various dining seating plans to choose from, and it is located near the Shahi Qila. Amongst the seating plans, diners can get their desired place at ease by getting their plates of food from the buffet line and moving to a seat where they can further enjoy the food. The buffet line also offers beverages and coffee to its diners and the stools are placed close to the tables so that the diners can eat their meal while sitting on the stools. The Poet Restaurant Lahore also serves delicious snacks at its counters, and it has the best-sitting arrangements and eating areas for its customers.


Pakistani Desi Food

If you and your friends prefer to go out from the dining area and have dessert, then you can go to one of the top restaurants that are called Poet Restaurant. It is located in the Greater Iqbal Park, and it serves its foods in the best ambiance that are placed in a circular pattern around the restaurant. You will also find the Pakistani desi food items at the place, and you can sit and enjoy some juice with your friends. Apart from desi food, you will be able to find Punjabi delicacies, Italian foods, Turk cuisine, and other foods. This is just one of the interesting features of Poet Restaurant, which is one of the famous Desi Restaurants in Lahore.


Traditional Pakistani Dishes

If you are looking for traditional Pakistani dishes along with contemporary cuisine, then you should go to Poet Restaurant. This restaurant has chicken kebabs and also has a large number of sandwiches, steaks, and snacks. Some of the famous dishes in Poet Restaurant include the chicken kebabs, and grilled ribs, the chicken kebab with mint and wasabi, and the delicious chicken fried steak. The other dishes, which are found in Poet Restaurant are chicken tikka masala, mint zeera masala, chicken tikka chutney, and spicy tomato chutney. Apart from these, many other Pakistani restaurants offer Desi food to their customers in Pakistan.


One of the famous food items of Pakistani culture that is loved by all the people living in the cities of Punjab is the karahi and grilled chicken. You can find many Pakistani restaurants that offer authentic Pakistani food to their customers, and these cuisines are made using the traditional method using ingredients that are found only in the state of Punjab. All these Pakistani foods offer the best tasting to its customers, which are flavored with traditional Pakistani spices and are served with thick-thin bread.

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