Have You Tried a Mughlai Restaurant Yet?

When it comes to dining in the city of Lahore, Mughlai is a famous term that can describe the cuisine in this part of Pakistan. It has also become the ultimate style and type of cuisine. It can be described as a combination of Indian and Persian dishes. This is because the city of Lahore has its share of both cultures. If you are planning to dine at a Mughlai Restaurant In Lahore just like Poet Restaurant, you will be amazed to know that the restaurants have their distinct personalities. There is no compromise on quality. Special care is taken to make sure that the food served is of the best quality. The food is prepared by the most experienced chefs in the region.


Mughlai Cuisine

“Mughlai” can be described as Punjabi cuisine. But, this is just a small part of it. This is because the word “Mughlai” is used to refer to all types of Punjabi foods. So, you won’t find any restaurant called simply “Mughlai”. The word can be used as per your preference.


It is difficult to describe the taste of Punjabi foods. Only someone who has eaten them would be able to do so. Thus, it is best to make a personal choice and go to a Mughlai restaurant. You can ask your friends about the restaurant they have dined in before or simply make a phone call to the restaurant and reserve a table.


Mughlai Restaurant in Lahore

A Mughlai restaurant in Lahore offers not only Punjabi food, but also other Indian and continental dishes. The local taste and the spices used are also different. A variety of delicacies is on offer. You can choose from chicken, beef, mutton, chicken kebabs, Rotis, and even plain rice. The prices are also different depending on the location of the restaurant.


Poet Restaurant Lahore

Once you are at the Poet Restaurant, order your favorite dish and everything will be prepared to your satisfaction. If you are dining with family, then you can decide who would get the menu and would go together to select the food. Some restaurants also have a separate section for children. Make sure that there is enough family room so that there is no problem if someone needs to leave during the meal.


One of the major complaints about restaurants is that they don’t keep their kitchen clean. They take almost 10 minutes to cook. When the food is cooked to perfection, it takes a long time to get served. So, if you are on a schedule, try to avoid such restaurants. There are many other places where you can have your dinner. Poet Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Lahore that offer desi and Mughlai food.


So, when you are out shopping, give a try to Poet Restaurant in the area. Get the menu and see whether the restaurant is serving what you want. If yes, then just reserve the place and don’t bother about the rest. Just remember that you need to pay for the quality of the food. If you want to try out a Mughlai restaurant, then you can take along your friends. It will be better if you can see the kitchen. This will give you a fair idea about the quality of the food. If you like the taste, then don’t hesitate to pay for the expensive ones. You can ask your friends to choose something they like as well. If you get a good restaurant in the area, then everyone will be talking about it.


Several Types of Dishes

The Mughlai cuisine has several types of dishes. Some of these are chicken, rice dish, dry vermicelli, Prawns curry, and others. The prices are different depending on the variety. Most restaurants offer a wide variety of drinks as well. If you are a regular at the Mughlai restaurant, then it would have many of them. Try getting some cold or hot beverages like Coffee, Tea, and many others. If you are a regular there, then they won’t ask you to change anything. You might also get some free food at times, which is an added attraction.


The Mughlai cuisine is not the only thing that you can get there. There are a lot of other great cuisines there too. Make sure you check them out so that you don’t miss anything. Since most of the restaurants are open daily, it won’t be difficult to find a good time to go there. If you don’t like desi food, then you can try out other cuisines as well.

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