Tips on Finding the Best Street Restaurants in Lahore

Street restaurants are one of the common attractions when you want to try something spicy and very quick. Not all your need-to dine-out experiences are fancy and fine dining. Sometimes, it is good to try other things in life.

A real taste of some specific cuisines is at the street restaurants that are offering you more for less of course. While you are hitting the road, and have no idea, what to eat or where to eat then you need to find the best street restaurants Lahore. It can be tricky as you cannot get immediate suggestions most of the time. However, we got some tips for you to check out.

Ask for Recommendations

The very first thing you can do is to ask for recommendations from the people you know in Lahore. It is one of the fastest ways to access the best street restaurant. You do not have to struggle too much with the stop and search. Moreover, the option you will pick up is safe. Someone who is recommending you about the place already tried the food there. Just be sure the person is having a good taste in food selection and you two fit in perfectly.

Search on Google maps

Google maps are one of the amazing tools that we have right now. It is not only effective to get the directions or searching places. You can find several places and businesses around you using the tool. It gives you suggestions and results based on the reviews and area proximity. Therefore, you will get the suggestions in results that are nearest. If you will look for some specific street, restaurant in Lahore then you will get the specific answer as well.

Stop by the Rush Streets or Main Roads

When you do not have access to the in-person recommendation and you are not satisfied with the goggle maps results then you have the option of searching it yourself. There is no need to exhaust you to the next level. Keep things simple for you to make it work. All you need is to stop by the restaurant and look out for the options it is offering. If you are convinced about the ambiance and menu, you can stay otherwise switch to the other place.

Connect to the Foodies’ Community

Social media and online platforms are a major help for you when it comes to connecting resources and finding your answers. For the street restaurants when you are unable to reach out to any platform, you can access the social media foodie communities. These are groups and pages with several members that are roaming around in the city and posting their recommendations or reviews about the restaurants. Things turn out to be efficient and helpful for you as you can access the best advice without any effort.

Five Best Street Restaurants you Should try

There is no doubt that the fusion of restaurants has brought us a huge transformation in the street restaurant industry as well. Here is the list of top street restaurants located in the most hyped food streets of Lahore from MM Alam to Gulberg and even Faisal Town.

Arcadian Café

Located at the junction of MM Alam road, Arcadian Café is one of the hyped and attractive cafés of all time. Through it has nothing to do with traditional street food but lies in the category of street restaurants. You can access the food point in the street on the go. It is known for its premium and legit cuisines ranging from continental to Chinese and fusion as well.

Mei Kong

For an authentic Chinese on-the-go experience it is the right place to pull over. You will never regret being there for a good meal. The restaurant is offering you the on-service menu as well as platters and buffet options. It appears to be a perfect stop when you want to grab a good bite with your friends and family.

English Tea House

One of the fancy tea bars in Lahore is another street restaurant that you will want to try. Giving you a perfect breakfast, brunch, and all-day meal menus, the place is offering you some ready-to-take-away dessert as well. No matter if you are looking for a perfect tea or coffee with app essentials or a good meal, it is the place giving you everything at once.

Yum Chinese

People who are in love with authentic Chinese and need to have an amazing Chinese experience should not miss out on Yum Chinese restaurant. It is a place you can feel the authenticity of Chinese food in Lahore. The place is serving you all top-rated cuisines from soup noodles to stew, stakes, sushi, and much more. It is always fun to hit the restaurant and get your favorite food.

Outs Rooftop

When you are into enjoying the rooftop experience along with the street side then Outs Rooftop is the right place. Located at the top of a three-story building, the restaurant is purely a blessing. Decorated perfectly and having a high-end interior, it seems the appropriate place to enjoy food, gatherings, and much more. They have many things on the menu along with special reservations and a buffet for the guests. You can even have personal celebrations, parties with custom decorations, or specific timings. The place is amazing and fun.

Final words

Street food in Lahore is common. The street food restaurants and the food streets around town make it even more accessible. These spots are letting you experience the best cuisines and high-quality food at the same time. All you need is to pick up the restaurant after knowing every bit about it. The above-mentioned restaurants have a reputation and review in the market about being best and top-rated. Trying out their food will never leave you disappointed at all.

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