Best Desi Restaurants in Lahore and food they are offering

Finding the Desi Restaurants in Lahore is not difficult at all. these are a major attraction for food lovers in the city. Everyone wants to enjoy the best of food and traditional delicacies in the city of taste. Let’s check out a few Desi restaurants that are doing great in city and offering quality food.

The Poet Restaurant

Coming towards the top rated restaurants in Lahore that are offering Desi food then The Poet Restaurant requires no introduction. It is the best place for you to enjoy the authentic traditional cuisine that makes your day. Along with a perfect location, it is famous for the royal presentation of multiple cuisines for the guests.

The people who loves to explore the desi food options with a fine dine experience should hit to the place. On the menu, you can find out all the traditional cuisines from Biryani to karahi, BBQ, and much more. It seems a whole package for you to enjoy food at its best.

The village Restaurant

As it is shown by its name, the Village restaurant is one of the landmark desi restaurants in Lahore. Based on the village theme, the place is designed in a way to let citizens enjoy the aura of the village while dining in. it is a buffet restaurant offering a wide range of cuisines from desi to fast food options as well.

Other than main course, there is a counter for dessert loaded with many traditional desserts giving satisfaction to sweet tooth. Moreover, you can find out the other counters like candyfloss, desi snack bars and much more in the facility. The live music in the restaurant makes it even better and gives you a feel of a village in actuality.

Bundu Khan Restaurant

Talking about the best desi restaurant, then Bundu Khan is another remarkable option. It is hard to resist the taste and feel of the place. However, it is not only serving you the desi food options, but its recognition is for the desi delicacies in Lahore.

With almost three branches in Lahore, restaurant is offering some grand-level menu options. You will be able to enjoy the services from breakfast to lunch and dinner even at late night.

In its breakfast menu, you can get a wide range of cuisines that includes, Naan Chanay, Paya Stew, Nihari, Halwa Puri, Harissa, Lassi, and much more. After breakfast timings, the restaurant starts serving its regular menu so you can enjoy the desi food all day long.

Dera Restaurant

Among the top searches, you will get another famous and authentic desi restaurant, Dera. Normally, the term refers to a spot in village with a specific traditional sitting setup. In other words, it is like a village farmhouse giving you a perfect ambiance of village life.

The concept of restaurant is similar to its origin. At this place, you will get that nice and smooth feel for sure. It lets you take a step into experiencing the village dines out. Not only the ambiance but also the food here is exceptional. It covers all the traditional food options and famous for its cuisines among the foodies in Lahore.

Andaz Restaurant

Andaz is one of the oldest and authentic Desi restaurants in Lahore. Located in the surroundings of Lahore fort Walled City of Lahore it worth a try. Though a few people know about the restaurant but the people who have been in touch with find out and desi food, are well aware of the place.

Here you can enjoy the authentic and traditional food with a touch of history. It is one of the dine outs where the history meets transformation and gives you a fusion of everything. Whenever you want to have a good mealtime, it is the right place to hit.

Haveli Restaurant

Significantly shown by its name, Haveli is popular among people with the legit taste of traditional cuisine in Lahore. It is not only the food that attracts people to the restaurant but its location as well. A branch of restaurant is located in the center of city Liberty, Gulberg. Whereas the other branch is in the heart of the Walled city of Lahore just opposite to the Lahore fort in Food Street. You can enjoy the food with an amazing view on the rooftop. It is necessary go on the list as well to experience perfection in food and view as well.

Butt Karahi

Thinking of a Desi Restaurant will get your brain to process most about the Butt Karahi. Whenever you are expecting a whole meal at a conventional restaurant and want to enjoy traditional food, Karahi is a necessary option. Rich in taste and properly cooked meat in the pan turns out to be the best offering when you are hungry.

Butt Karahi is one of the ancient and popular restaurants offering too many variations of the cuisine. They have the top quality, bed tasted and specialized form of cuisine for the customers all the time. You will get to choose from the meat variations of chicken to mutton, beef, lamb, camel, and much more. In the next step, you will get the options between traditional Karahi to white Karahi, masala Karahi and much more.

Bottom line

Since Lahore is the hub of food and is known for all the amazing food options of all time, it is not impossible to find best Desi Restaurants in Lahore. You will get a large number of restaurants that are offering you only the best quality desi food. Their variations and offerings are not limited. At The Poet Restaurant, you can explore the fusion and variation on a whole new level. It is just about hitting the right type of restaurant and enjoying the meal in a conventional or desi environment for sure. The mentioned restaurants are giving you the best deals in the city to enjoy right kind of cuisine. 


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