Why Desi Food is an Infinite Love of Lahoris ?

Lahore is known as the cultural hub of Pakistan. It is a melting pot of tradition and heritage. The city of gardens has many marvels for natives and visitors to explore. You will be mesmerized by the mystery of this city and the beauty in its intricate culture. Places play a central role in the identity of people. Just like this vibrant city of gardens, its natives are known to be some of the most energetic ones. Lahoris like colors; Colors in everything and anything including food. Variety is the spice of life and Lahoris loves this spice! This is why they have earned their fame as “foodies”.

Lahore is an ideal place for a whirlwind culinary tour. For natives, food is the paramount pleasure they get all day, every day. Being the mega-city of Pakistan, it is no wonder that you can find an array of cuisines in Lahore. Be it Italian food or Japanese cuisine you can find it all in Lahore. Although Lahore is known for food in general, the gem in its crown remains the beloved Desi food. The exquisite flavor of Desi food has is a long-standing rival to some of the best cuisines. Desi Food is a go-to food of Lahoris. Why? Because it’s not just a food, it’s a culture stirred fry with the spice of history in the platter of our rich traditions.

Numerous eateries in Walled City like The Poet Restaurant are the personal favorite of Lahoris when it comes to Desi food. Such places provide authentic flavors of Desi food and for starters, it is a must-go place!

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