Badshahi Mosque and The Poet Restaurant The Perfect Combo

Badshahi Mosque and The Poet Restaurant: The Perfect Combo!

In the heart of Walled City Lahore, The strikingly beautiful Badshahi mosque is the landmark of Mughal prestige and culture. This place is not just a mosque; it is a marvel of heritage, culture, royalty, art, and architecture entwined together into one. Being the second-largest mosque in Pakistan, this place attracts thousands of tourists every year. Built with carved red sandstone and embellished with intricate floral motifs, this place will take you back in the Mughal era. Elegant frescoes and middle-eastern paintings are carved on the ceiling of this majestic mosque.

Given the importance and beauty of this place, these days it is quite a new norm to bring forward the Muslim tradition of Nikkah taking place within the vicinity of the mosque. Badshahi Mosque is a perfect fit for this holy and beautiful endeavor. This is why annually; hundreds of couples get hitched right at the center of this place. If you are a cultural enthusiast and have an eye for art and architecture then this area is going to offer you a lot.

Located near Badshahi Mosque, The Poet Restaurant is a palatial style authentic Mughlai Restaurant. This restaurant is ideal for wedding dinners. Its rooftop provides a vantage view of the surrounding historical area. If you are getting hitched at the Badshahi mosque then The Poet Restaurant is an ideal place for hosting your guests and entertaining you on your special day.

Our golf carts can carry all the guests from the Badshahi mosque to our restaurant while giving you a full-view round of this rich and historical place. We offer a customized menu for special events and also offer buffets. Now you can enjoy your big day in this cultural center of Lahore amidst our colored dancing fountains. What can be more exciting than having an authentic Mughlai style Nikkah Lunch/Dinner after getting hitched in the prestigious Badshahi mosque?

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