What best restaurants in Lahore have to offer on a kid’s menu?

Dining out with your kids is a challenge. You can find a number of options on the menu for adults but what about kids? Ordering a perfect meal for your kid at a restaurant is a struggle. Many restaurants in Lahore now have special kids’ menus. Are they good and fulfilling? It’s another concern that you may have.

There is Always a Way Out!

Thankfully, one of the Best restaurants in Lahore, The Poet Boutique Restaurant is right there with a solution. The restaurant offers a complete and fulfilling kid’s menu for little stomachs. Isn’t it great? But, how is it different from the others?

Not All the Junk Options

Randomly at restaurants in the name of kid’s menu, all you will get is some authentic junk options. These can be a snack for the kids but not a meal. However, kids love junk food and it is one of the attractions for them while dining outdoors but they do deserve variation.

At the Poet restaurant, things are quite different. It is known as one of the best restaurants in Lahore due to being thoughtful. Though in the menu you will find junk options like fries and nuggets there is a twist. You will find Mughlai fried chicken with the authenticity of Mughal cuisine along with chashni rolls.

It turns out to be something new and fresh for your kids to enjoy other than regular menu options. You are able to select a customizable serving option for the kids and let them have the royal experience.

Moderate with Spices

At many restaurants, while keeping kids in consideration, chefs do not use many spices. It does nothing but makes food bland. It is a fact that kids cannot bear too many spices but they deserve taste in food.

At Poet restaurant, chefs pay special attention to the moderate spice ratio in the kid’s menu. Using moderate spices that give aroma and taste but do not make it heavy, they prepare the best meals for the kids.

You can let your kids try out these meals without any stress. In fact, you do have a spot-on option to customize the spices or ingredients in the meal for your kids. Just in case of any allergies or liking preferences, you always have the upper hand to ask for the modification.

Giving your Kid a Chance to Taste Traditional Cuisine

Unfortunately, we normally bring out kids’ meals that are fast food and continental. It is rare we can introduce them to traditional cuisine in a fine dine restaurant. The best restaurants in Lahore are somehow ignoring this side. However, at Poet Restaurant, you are getting this side covered well.

We have incorporated a few traditional cuisine options for kids into our kid’s menu. These options simply let the kids enjoy some good food that introduces the traditional cuisine to them. It is even good for the taste development in kids. Eventually, they will prefer traditional food options over fast food.

Interesting and Attractive

One of the important factors that are essential for an appealing kid’s menu is attraction and interest. It needs to hold some exclusive appeal for the kids and parents at the same time. Making is a great value for their money, appetite, and taste buds are essential.

All competent restaurants do not take the kid’s menu for granted. They do not have it on the menu just to fill some space. In fact, these are all about adding more value to their guests. With the help of careful selection and some attractive food options, they make the menu attractive and interesting for the kids and parents.

Similarly, poet restaurants have made the kid’s menu attractive and appealing by adding variations and something new to it. It does not look like any random menu but a different one that you should try out.

Enough Serving for your Kids

In the kid’s menu, one of the concerns is the serving. Restaurants keep the serving for kids too minimal normally. They consider the appetite of the kids and their needs. However, not all kids have a small appetite. It feels bad that your kid is still hungry even after getting food.

At the Poet Boutique restaurant, kid’s servings are enough for them. These are not adult servings but are designed in such a way that kids can fulfill their appetite and do not waste food at the same time. We believe in serving portions that are easy to finish.

Every kid is special!

At restaurants, every guest is honorable and every kid is special. The best restaurants in Lahore always keep a keen eye on the kid’s menu and keep it fresh. It is the only way to treat the little souls with the best of food, hospitality and honor.

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