Poet Restaurant – The Best Restaurants in Lahore

With so many fine restaurants in Lahore claiming to be the best, it is sometimes difficult to decide which is the best. Many visitors to Lahore come here for the amazing social scene, beautiful sights, and wonderful cuisine that is on offer here. Whilst sampling as much local food as possible while ensuring to tick off all-important ‘mandatory visit dishes in Lahore will be an intelligent tactical mission; as first-time visitors to Lahore and with limited knowledge of local cuisine would be. However, there is no need to worry too much, with some exquisite restaurants on the outskirts of the city guaranteeing a taste of authentic Pakistani cuisine. Here are our picks of the very best restaurants in Lahore.

While Punjabi culture is ingrained deeply into Pakistani culture, it does not mean that restaurants and cuisines cannot be found that have nothing to do with this vibrant community. At Poet Restaurant, the best restaurants in Lahore, visitors are treated to a wide range of dishes – starting with the traditional chicken kebabs and beef kebabs and moving onto spicy and ethnic Pakistani dishes. This restaurant also offers a host of other Punjabi dishes, offering a taste of different regions of Punjab and their signature dishes. An excellent recommendation includes the Poet Restaurant, which is renowned for its vast collection of authentic dishes from all over Pakistan.

Dine-in Historic Places

It is located inside the Greater Iqbal Park and offers visitors a chance to experience the ancient Mughal culture whilst enjoying traditional Pakistani dishes. Pakistani desi delicacies such as meat dishes are popular, with dishes including karahi, biryani, kebabs, and barbeque that are made from meat (chicken, lamb, and beef). Guests at Poet Restaurant can enjoy some local desi dishes, continental dishes deserts, and drinks.

Ultimate Taste

If you’re looking for the ultimate taste in Pakistani food, you need to look no further than Poet Restaurant, the best restaurant in Lahore. This is located inside a historic place, which offers one of the best restaurants in Lahore and Punjab. The restaurant offers delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in their fantastic spacious place. The most popular dishes are especially renowned for their unique and mouthwatering taste. One of the best ways to learn about authentic Punjab food is to dine at Poet Restaurant, as you will never get a dull moment.

True Ethnic Dining

If you’re looking for true ethnic dining in Lahore, you might want to consider the restaurant called Poet Restaurant, the best restaurant in Lahore. The restaurant is renowned for its traditional Punjabi and Mughlai cuisine backed by one of the greatest cookers, while still serving the same cuisine at present. You can enjoy authentic Punjabi and Mughlai cuisine along with a range of different non-veg cuisines, such as live food on the grill. If you’re looking for authentic Punjab cuisine, try this restaurant.

Authentic Pakistani Food

Poet Restaurant is located in the vicinity of Greater Iqbal Park and is one of the best restaurants to experience authentic Pakistani food. The restaurant offers five types of meals for those who want to experience desi foods. The most popular dishes here are the lamb and chicken kebabs, chicken karahi, and biryani served on skewers with tender boiled potatoes on the side. Poet Restaurant also has some of the best delivery restaurants that offer Pakistani delicacies to the people living in Lahore.


Poet Restaurant is definitely one of the best restaurants in Lahore serving authentic Pakistani cuisines. The food served here is mouthwatering and the prices are affordable, especially when you compare it to those in other restaurants around Pakistan. The biryani is a delicious dish of rice and fluffy bread made using naan. It is loved by all and is a must-try for those who visit Pakistan.

Exotic Dishes

The Poet Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Lahore is known for serving exotic dishes prepared by famous, and expert chefs from Punjab. These dishes are marinated in aromatic spices and dipped in yogurt. The main ingredients used in the preparation of these dishes are garam masala, black pepper, and some other aromatic herbs. These dishes are prepared by famous chefs and are loved by the local people.

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