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Best Buffet Restaurant in Lahore – Poet Boutique Restaurant

If you are planning to spend your weekend or holiday in Lahore, you can surely not ignore the buffet as the best place to spend your time. This is because a buffet dinner is a combination of various courses that are served in quick succession to provide more food satisfaction to the diner. Most importantly, the buffet helps to provide a relaxed environment to diners, which is why they never go for any other dining option. To help you find the Best Buffet Restaurant in Lahore, here are some of the ideas that you can use. You will surely be able to find the best buffet in Lahore by following these tips.

Hi-Tea Buffet in Lahore

Most restaurants in Lahore offer hi-tea buffets at very affordable rates. Moreover, most of the teapot shops also serve tea to the guests along with their meals. Thus, many other restaurants in Lahore are offering hi-tea buffets at very affordable costs. With the rise in demand for teapots, many eateries have also opened up their outlets. In addition, many fast-food chains also serve this special type of buffet. However, the main difference between a traditional Pakistani buffet and the contemporary one is that the latter mainly focuses on preparing appetizers and starters and then charges the customers accordingly. On the other hand, in the case of a traditional Pakistani meal, you would generally be charged for the starter and then the main course dishes.

Poet Boutique Restaurant

If you want to taste Pakistani Traditional food at its best, you must try out the Poet Boutique Restaurant. This restaurant serves mainly Pakistani and other continental cuisines at a very affordable price. The buffet cost per person here is very low. And the best thing is that you can order from the menu online. The buffet cost per person here is quite low.

The buffet area in Lahore consists of different restaurants offering various Pakistani cuisines. Thus, if you are a food lover who likes variety in his/her food, you will love eating at Poet Boutique Restaurant, one of the most popular buffets in Lahore. Apart from this, many other restaurants have also started offering buffet meals. Poet Boutique Restaurant offers delicious cuisine at affordable prices and thus you can surely dine in a perfect restaurant that suits your tastes and budget.

Most Preferred Buffet Restaurant

The Poet Boutique Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Lahore. It offers delicious dishes and this has made it one of the most preferred restaurants in Pakistan. The dishes served in Poet Restaurant are always a combination of Pakistani and continental dishes and thus it provides a wonderful taste to its patrons. However, if you wish to eat more traditional dishes, you can check out their menu list.

Varieties of Dishes

There are lots of varieties of dishes, but some will give you a fair idea about the range of dishes available in the best buffet restaurant in Lahore. Another important aspect that one has to consider while looking for a buffet restaurant in Lahore is the ambiance. The ambiance plays a major role in deciding the success of any restaurant. No matter how good a dish is, if the ambiance is not good then no one will enjoy eating there.

Punjabi Buffets in Lahore

If we talk about the most common cuisines served in Pakistan, then I would have to say that Punjabi food forms the largest chunk of the total Pakistani cuisines and so it is naturally served at Punjabi buffets in Lahore. It has a unique taste, thanks to the mixture of spices and the slight sweetness of the spices. It goes well with rice and also goes very well with fish. To get a better idea of the variety of dishes available in a buffet restaurant in Lahore, you can search through the internet. You can get one of these and try various kinds of dishes that are served in a buffet restaurant in Lahore.

Lunch Cum Hi-Tea Buffet

If you are looking for a lighter side, then you can opt for a lunch cum hi-tea buffet. Lighter side dishes are preferred mostly during lunch and it is prepared to use wheat flour, rice, and green chilies. You can also get a fruit salad which is prepared using fruits such as mango, papaya, and pineapple. The main course in a lunch cum hi-tea buffet is a chicken curry which is prepared using vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, and chicken.

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