Enjoy a List of Yummy Food at Desi Restaurants in Lahore

Nothing can be better than going to the best restaurant for food after a long day of work. It is the place where all people want to go for something tasty. But firstly, we want to go to the restaurant that may be desi or not. Most people prefer a desi restaurant because the taste of desi foods is delicious. Nothing can beat the desi food of Lahore.

So, we suggest you must consider desi restaurants in Lahore if you are living in Lahore. If you are not living in Lahore and visit for some reason, then you must visit the desi restaurant.

Further, the reason to prefer desi food is that if you eat fast food daily. Then it may cause some harmful effects to your life. So, the best thing to save you from health issues is the desi food of Poet Restaurant. It is not only delicious but also good for your health. Here, we will discuss the different types of desi food that everyone likes the most.

What Can You Eat in Desi Restaurants in Lahore?

As you know, if you eat any food like street food or fast food, then it is harmful to you. Eating pizza, burgers, and shawarma daily is not good for your health. Similarly, street food is good, but in most places, it is full of germs. So, it also causes serious issues to your health. Further, if you eat so much, then it is also not good because maintaining a diet is very important.

When you visit desi restaurants in Lahore, then these ensure your healthy life. The desi foods are full of nutrition, vitamins and much more. These are also free of germs and tasty. That’s why most people like these foods.

Here, we will discuss some tasty desi foods of Lahore that make your mouth water. So, you will want to go to the desi restaurants.

1.     Lahori Paya

Lahori Paya is the most delicious desi food and most popular all over Lahore. People like it very much, not only in Lahore but also in other places. People of Lahore like to eat payas along with meethi lassi for breakfast. The reason for the popularity of payas is that these are cooked on low flame overnight. Then these are served with hot naan in the morning. If you want to get a more intense taste, then you can dip naan in the gravy of payas.

So, if you are interested in taste payas, then you can get them from Desi Restaurants in Lahore. You can also order from the best online shop.

2.     Halwa Puri

Halwa Puri is the food that everyone likes to eat for breakfast. The best thing about it is that it is available to you all the time. So, if you want to eat it at night then you can get it from desi restaurants. That is the reason why people like it the most.

Suppose you want to taste the delicious halwa Puri in Lahore. Then you must consider the Poet Restaurant. It gives you halwa Puri with tasty channa and aloo ki bhujiya. You can also order it from any online restaurant and enjoy it in your home.

3.     Pathocracy

If you want something traditional in Lahore, then the shahi pathway is the best thing. It is the most famous food in Lahori street restaurants. It tastes good, especially if you eat hot and fresh in winter. You can eat pathoray along with channy to get more taste. Further, these are also served with imli ki chutney, yogurt, raita and pickle. So, you must visit desi restaurants in Lahore for the most delicious food.

4.     Hareesa:

It is also the best desi food in Lahore and people like it the most. It is a mixture of wheat and looks like porridge, meat and too much desi ghee. You can’t consider it as haleem, but both are almost the same in look. So, you must try it once, and you will like it the most. For this, you need to visit desi restaurants for the most delicious taste.

5.     Sajji:

Sajji is a Balochi dish, but Lahori people also like it very much. It also became the traditional food of Lahore. So, if you plan to go out for something tasty, then sajji is the best option. It is the whole lamb or chicken that is marinated with salt. We suggest you visit desi restaurants in Lahore to get sajji in your dish.

Final Verdict:

So, if you are interested in eating delicious foods in Lahore, then you need to find the desi restaurants in Lahore that offer a variety of desi foods. You can start with halwa Puri in the breakfast along with lassi and end in sajji. We suggest you visit Poet restaurant because it is the best desi restaurant in Lahore.

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