Lahore invites you for millions of reasons to visit the city and food is one of them. Where the city offers historical monuments and buildings made in British Raj, the traditional cuisine is one all-rounder that makes Lahore famous. Whether you’re out with your family or visiting Lahore on the trip, your intentions would be to eat at the Best Restaurants in Lahore, right? The Poet Restaurant is one perfect option that offers you both traditional, Mughlai food and the essence of heritage. Come, let’s discuss what makes The Poet Restaurant your prime choice for dine-out.


If you want to see true Lahore, come visit the walled city that offers a glimpse of old Lahore with its environment and jovial residents. Sensing your enthusiasm for the heritage and urge to visit old Lahore, we’ve selected our location very strategically near Greater Iqbal Park. So when you feel hungry after the tour around the Badshahi Masjid and Minar e Pakistan, you won’t have to drive long to find one of the best restaurants of Lahore. Just walk in and our staff would gladly receive you at the entrance. Select a location from where you can view the whole city and enjoy your meal.


It’s not just a trip to a walled city that brings you to Lahore as there are thousands of reasons to find the best restaurants in Lahore. Especially when you want to celebrate something with your friends and family. Or when it’s time to share the joy with coworkers and you’re looking a perfect place to invite them. To meet your versatile dine-out needs we’ve kept our reservation facility accessible for everyone. So, whenever you call us, you can find a table to arrange the treat or throw a big party while showing your enthusiasm for traditional cuisine.


Whether you’re a foodie or starving to eat something delicious, we fulfill your wish with our traditional cuisine. Our chefs remain on standby to take your orders and as they receive the query, the cooking crusade initiates. From tasty Chicken Badakhshani Boti to Achari Murgh Tikka, order as many dishes as you can think of and we won’t disappoint you. Because we know you don’t like to hear an excuse when you visit one of your favorite restaurants in Lahore. And we’ve trained our staff to arrange for your desired dish at every cost to make your experience one of the best dine-out times of your life.


Along with meeting your appetizing needs, we also arrange to amuse you and your family with traditional music and fun activities at The Poet Restaurant. Because we know that you love light, classical music while enjoying our Mughlai-themed cuisine and our management takes care of your amusement preference. Enjoy delicious food, listen to musical gems of our era, and take back beautiful memories while visiting one of your favorite restaurants in Lahore.

Dial 0304 1112221 now, reserve your table and make the dine-out experience memorable while you eat at one of your favorite restaurants in Lahore.

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