Get The Most Out Of Desi Restaurants In Lahore

Lahore is a very famous city for its delicious and mouth-watering food. Lahore was used be a centre of the Mughal Empire as you can also see the reflection of Mughals and their glorious creativities in ‘Walled City Of Lahore’ which is also known as Old Lahore because of the side which has old architecture and forms the historic core of Lahore. That’s what made it old Lahore and helps tourists to decide beforehand where they want to visit first?

The people of Lahore is also famous as ‘Zinda Dalian-e-Lahore’.

When we talk about Lahore, the scenarios of busy streets, the aroma of food, rickshaws, dhabas, chai dhabas, desi foods, loud laughter, and late light get-togethers came in mind.

There are many desi restaurants in Lahore which especially offers desi food to devour. Lahore’s love to eat food much specially made with desi ghee, Makhan and lots of tail ka Tarka. They also like to eat heavy breakfasts including naan, halwa poori, desi ghee k party, lassi, Makhan with Karak chai. We can easily say that Lahore happens to be the hub of foodies that’s why we see several desi restaurants opening in Lahore.

Some Of  The Famous Desi Restaurants In Lahore

Lahore has many restaurants which made people confused about where to go and where not?

I am listing some of the famous desi restaurants of Lahore to not let you confused and help you to not face the bad experience.

These are some of the famous desi restaurants in Lahore :

  • Wasabi
  • Monal
  • Haveli
  • Bundu Khan
  • Spice Bazaar
  • Bagh
  • Bamboo Union
  • Salt n Pepper
  • Ziafat
  • Andaaz
  • Riwaaj
  • Bukhara
  • Tabaq
  • Laal Qila
  • The Lakhnavi
  • Al Raaya Mughlai

Apart from these desi restaurants, lahore has some famous food streets too.

  • Old Anarkali Food Street
  • Fort Road Food Street
  • Gawal Mandi Food Street

Your overall food experience takes a turn over in these streets as these streets show the real cultural frames. The people who belong to different cultures had grown their businesses on a larger scale which gives them more magnificent looks and environment.

The Poet Boutique Restaurant

If one has to experience the best eastern food in Lahore has must visit The poet boutique restaurant. You can also call it a street restaurant as Lahore has many desi restaurants at a roadside which have become a special identity of Lahore.

There has been always a race between desi restaurants in Lahore about who offers the best overall experience? And The poet restaurant is winning this game since it came into existence. as they always emphasise on the royal taste of food and are recognising for having the best desi food in town.

The Poet’s Delicious Menu

Since The Poet boutique Restaurant is the talk of the town for quite some time, do you exactly know why? Let me help you solve this mystery for you.

What a foodie wants the most? Food? Never. but the best and mouth-watering food in reasonable prices. That’s why people call The poet the best desi restaurant in Lahore.

The foods in their menu are :

  • Tillgoza – 650/-
  • Achari murgh tikka – 810/-
  • Murgh tikka nadir shah – 830/-
  • Chapli kabab khas – 1095/-
  • Tilmil jheenga – 1540/-
  • Fried mughlai prawns – 1595/-
  • Darbari Lamp chops – 1750/-
  • Ashkoi kabab – 1900/-
  • Dumphukht raan – 4000/-

And many more eateries.

They also have a menu specially made for kids. Have a look below :

  • Cash roll – 200/-
  • French fries – 250/-
  • Mughlai fried chicken – 325/-
  • Nuggets – 395/-

Now you can easily understand why The poet boutique restaurant has become the best desi restaurant in Lahore.

Free Wonders At The Poet

Well, who doesn’t want entertainment and pictures? So The poet boutique restaurant takes good care of this too because The poet has also become the first desi restaurant in Lahore which offers free wonders to its customers. And just like that, they have turned the game for desi restaurants.

Free wanders they offer are :

  • Dancing fountains
  • Free golf cart ride
  • Free food for drivers and maids
  • Free valet parking
  • Free photography
  • Free pictures with fancy birds
  • Power bank facility
  • Daily live music
  • Weekly surprise lucky draw
  • Wheelchair facility for senior citizens


Every desi restaurant has just not been made for providing the best food but for its good management, services, ambience, fun, hospitality and overall environment.

The poet has made itself stand high for this cause as they provide free food to the maids and drivers and treat them as the family members of their visitors to keep the environment stable.

They manage to help old visitors with every problem they have to face with a kind, warm and bright smile on face.

The respect we all learned from our parents shows itself when it comes to helping old people in any possible way. And that’s the actual reason what made desi restaurants different from cafes and western type restaurants.


“The Poet Boutique Restaurant” came into existence to give more value to Lahore’s food and environment. To give the best experience to their customers, from respect to hospitality, having fun to clean dining. They marked themself the best desi restaurant in Lahore with their thoughtful observations.

Now whenever any one of you wants to visit Lahore, must give a visit to this desi restaurant in Lahore.

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