Dinner Deals in Lahore


Lahori food is one particular reason for everyone to visit Lahore once in their lifetime. While you’re here, you must try the traditional food that comes in different tastes, categories and various variations. While you’re finding the best Dinner Deals in Lahore, The Poet Restaurant offers the finest from our menu to ease up your food selection. Come, let’s discuss what you should order while eating at The Poet Restaurant and select the right dinner deals in Lahore.


Are you a western food lover? You must try our fried Mughlai prawns that are surely going to leave a positive impact. An impact that would change your perception about prawns when you try traditional fried Mughlai prawns from our kitchen. Plus, it’s one of the best dinner deals in Lahore that should be on your must-try list when you visit Lahore or plan to take your family out on dinner.


One of our specialties is Dumpukht Raan, a perfect meal for the night that would satisfy your hunger. Come, taste the chicken in traditional style and make your dinner tasty at The Poet Restaurant. And while you select Dumpukht Raan, don’t forget to taste pulao with yogurt and spices which is a specialty of our Dumpukht Raan. This adds another option on your list while you decide the food for the dinner deals in Lahore.


If you’re a party lover and missing tikkas, kebabs and roasts, we do have the recommendation to make. When you visit The Poet Restaurant in search of the best dinner deals in Lahore, order our Achari Murgh Tikka that is surely going to win your heart. Just add naan and enjoy spicy Achari Murgh Tikka at The Poet Restaurant.


Don’t worry! We are aware of your love for the tikka and kebabs and therefore we have plenty of other options that match with your mood. When it comes to the best dinner deals in Lahore, our chapli kabab khaas always wins the heart of our regular dinners. And you should consider this option too while you sit in our dining area and enjoy classical music.


Fifth in our recommendation list of best dinner deals in Lahore is Patiala Chicken. This one meal is a must-try item in our menu that gives you a unique taste and memorable experience for the evening. Just order Patiala chicken and try raita with naan to complete your dinner meal course when you visit The Poet Restaurant.


As the weather intensity increases and nights become colder, the demand for fish food increases too. Keeping our menu proportionate with the weather and your taste we’ve added fish tikka into our list for best dinner deals in Lahore. Order fish tikka and take back tasty and amazing memories when you leave the restaurant.

Find the best dinner deals in Lahore at The Poet Restaurant and give you dinner a new twist with our signature menu items.

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