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Our food is one integral part of our cultural heritage and every Lahori is proud to represent the traditional dishes when visiting other states. What if you’re in Lahore after a long time or visiting this city for the first time in your life? This is the best time to test all the good things that you’ve heard about Desi Food in Lahore. To help all of those who are looking to wet their mouth with delicious, finger-licking Lahori food, we’ve listed below the must-try dishes. Come, let’s discuss why we included these specific items in our list of best desi food in Lahore?


Offering the spice rich flavor, Nihari is an all-rounder when it comes to desi food in Lahore. Yes, all-rounder due to its high demands amongst foodies who never miss ordering a plate of Nihari whenever they visit the Walled City of Lahore. Eat it in breakfast, order for lunch or make it the main course of your dinner, you’d find Nihari a perfect option to feed your hunger. The Poet Restaurant offers Nihari with additional food options to make your dining experience rich and royal at our Mughlai themed sitting area.


Speak of the best desi food in Lahore and your mind would instantly suggest ordering a plate of biryani. Think of the rice wrapped in spices and chicken and cooked with such sophistication that the appetizing aroma of biryani cause flying butterflies in our stomach. Order a mint condiment along with a plate of salad and your biryani meal is complete. The Poet Restaurant offers its special Murgh Biryani to fulfill your desire to relish the meal via a perfect plate of biryani with your friends.


Would you want to taste chicken folded into well-boiled rice and have a strong meal while visiting Lahore? You must order Dumpakht Pulao that has become synonymous with the best desi food in Lahore due to its taste and preparation technique. When you visit The Poet Restaurant during your tour to the Walled City, you get to taste the true mastery of cooking from our kitchen in the form of our menu’s special – Dumpakht Pulao. When you order your plate of Pulao, don’t forget to try our signature salad that doubles the dining experience.


No idea what to order during your journey to explore the best desi food in Lahore? Simply order kebabs with a naan and mint condiment and make your meal complete with the true taste of Pakistani cuisine. We, at The Poet Restaurant, offer a wide range of kebabs including Chappli kebab, Ashkoi kebab, and Sikandri Diya kebabs.


How can you forget to order the sweet dish after a tasty meal when exploring different options in desi food in Lahore? We complete your meal with a Shahi Kheer that makes you order another bowl even before you finish the first one.

Dial 0304 1112221 now to reserve your table and try as many options as you want during your journey to explore desi food in Lahore.

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