Best Muhlai Food Places in Lahore


What’s best about Lahore is that you can find anything, literally anything, with little effort and delicious food is one of them. Whether you’re planning a day out with friends or want to spend a day with your spouse, finding one of the best Food Places in Lahore would be on your ‘To-Do List’, right? We solve your problem with unlimited reasons to eat at The Poet Restaurant and offer you different options to make your plans flawless. Here are some key reasons to consider The Poet Restaurant to eat delicious food when you’re searching for the best food places in Lahore.


Whether you’re coming for DHA, traveling through ring road or from any part of the city, you’ll find The Poet Restaurant at an ideal location. Situated at the heart of the city, The Poet Restaurant offers you an ideal location along with the facility of visiting historical places like Shahi Qila, Badshahi Masjid and Minar e Pakistan. Thus, you can enjoy these historical places that have significant value in our heritage and enjoy the delicious food at the restaurant when you feel hungry. The location makes The Poet Restaurant one of the best food places in Lahore that you wouldn’t want to miss when planning a day out in the city.


The widespread green belt around the restaurant and an attractive city view from the top is what makes The Poet Restaurant one of the best food places in Lahore. You can enjoy the food in complete peaceful indoor lounges and double the satisfaction with a mild classical music in the background when you eat at The Poet Restaurant.


Mughlai cuisine is one of the most essential reasons that attract diners to our restaurant. You’ll find a complete range of Mughlai food served in true royal style when you visit our restaurant. Our chefs remain standby for taking your orders and can serve a wide range of Mughlai food including Shahi Kebabs, Dumpukht Raan, Darbari Lamb Chops, and Achari Murgh Tikka. So, let your tastebuds free and be ready to enjoy a delicious dinner at The Poet Restaurant.


One particular reason to include The Poet Restaurant in the best food places in Lahore is the versatile seating plan. You can enjoy the view from the rooftop, sit in the lounge and select a hall for some special occasion when you select The Poet Restaurant as your eating destination.


For the convenience of our valued diners, we’ve kept the driveway wide open so they can drive in with ease. Plus, we offer a huge parking lot so you can easily find a parking spot for your vehicle when you visit us. Easy access from the main entrance to the restaurant lobby is another feature that includes The Poet Restaurant in the list of best food places in Lahore.


We support arts and artists that have remained an integral part of the Mughal era. To give you the same taste of classical music blended with current music trends, we invite renowned singers and artists and organize weekly musical nights.

Dial 0304 1112221 now to reserve your table and eat at one of the best food places in Lahore.

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