10 Best Dishes to Eat While Visiting Desi Restaurant in Lahore

When we talk about Desi Restaurants in Pakistan. We find a rich culture with spices of all sorts and rich flavours. Lahore is a city which is the first every preference of all tourists. However, it is a picturesque city that has previously been given as the capital of the Mughal Empire. People now call it the capital of culture and food.

This article is written to help you out in choosing what Desi Restaurants in Lahore are worth visiting. Buckle up and keep reading to indulge in the finger-licking taste of Pakistan!

List of Best Desi Food to Eat While Visiting Desi Restaurant in Lahore:

We have put a list of Desi Restaurants in Lahore. This list will help you understand the dishes and choose if you are willing to taste them. Moreover, we hope your taste buds appreciate all of these delectable goodies as much as ours do.

1.      Nihari:

The best thing to discuss is Nihari, which is also considered a famous dish of Pakistan. Nihari is always the best thing tourists taste in Pakistan. Desi Restaurants in Lahore traditionally offer Nihari as breakfast. However, it will probably be the best dish you have come across with.

Nihari cook by using rich spices available in animal and vegetable oil. The slow-cooking stew is then added in some cauldron of a saucepan.

2.      Kabuli Pulao:

Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan. Therefore, the culture of Pakistan is somewhat affected by theirs too. Imagine Silk Road traders providing the very first servings of Kabuli Pulao to Western Pakistan to consume.

Desi Restaurants adopt this dish. Pulao maybe with any size grain of rice, which is always fried in oil, while vast amounts of dry spices are available in this dish. In the middle of each batch, there will be a chunk of Mutton or beef flesh, perhaps an entire leg.

3.      Halwa Puri:

Halwa Puri is a typical desi breakfast. Moreover, many Pakistanis in general love to eat it. The intense flavor of Halwa Puri will take you to ancient times in Lahore. However, the time when you could get the tastiest food in the city! Zafar Halva Puri is unquestionably the best in this category.

Halwa Puri is mostly eaten in dine-outs. But, if you want to experience the true essence of Halwa Puri, you must eat street foods while dining out. You’ll get fresh puris to eat to your heart’s content. Moreover, there’s their halwa, which is a delicious morning delicacy that everybody requires by everybody.

4.      Murgh Chana:

Murgh Chana is a meal made with slow-cooked chicken and chickpeas in some sauce rich in traditional spices, served with naan or khameeri roti, depending on your choice.

Lahore residents desire this meal, which they can get at Googa Naqeebia in Model Town. They offer the greatest Murgh Chaney in town! However, they offer them for breakfast, so arrive on time and prepare to be blown away by the flavor of this famous meal at some well-known Desi Restaurants in Lahore.

5.      Daal Chawal:

Now take some time away from meat. It is time to mention the rich vegetable and pulses a=in Lahore. Daal Chawal is a Punjabi dish. However, Daal, a lentil stew that Lahoris eat with rice, is a hearty food.

The Kashmiri Daal Chaawal of Lahore is the greatest. It can be bought at Lakshmi Chowk. Fresh daal, soft rice, and kebabs. It is a delicious lunch to enjoy when you’re in the mood for something simple.

6.      Haleem:

Haleem is cooking by using barley, local wheat types, and chana. This dish is influenced by Middle Eastern culture. People have been eating Haleem for generations.

Haleem is made with a lot of patience. However, the dish cooks at a slow heat overnight. The long time spent in the heat is what provides Haleem with such rich taste.

All the spices are added to one pot, and a generous amount of lemons are squeezed into the pot. The dish is spicy, sour, and a wonderful mixture of tastes.

7.      Mutton Korma:

Are you talking about suppers in Lahore? Lahoris need to include one dish of Mutton in their supper. Among many Mutton dishes, Mutton Korma is the most demanding one.

Mutton korma is a rich and substantial dish. Poet Restaurant offers it with exceptionally soft pieces of sheep or goat meat with a dark crimson spice combination.

Many Desi Restaurants in Lahore provide the best mutton korma in town. There is a great population in Pakistan that loves the taste of Korma. It is more like the go-to dish of Pakistanis.

8.      Saag:

Saag is another successful dish in Pakistan’s Punjab province. People around the city prefer to serve it their way. Even in different Desi Restaurants, you will find some serving it with ‘Chawal ki Roti’ while others are serving it with ‘Makkayi ki Roti.’

The mustard greens cook slowly until the leaves are so mushy that they are falling apart, almost like a stew. However, there are various seasonings used for the dish. Desi ghee or Makhan are vital ingredients.

9.      Paya (or Paaya):

Paya means ‘legs’ in Urdu, and it is one of Pakistan’s most popular dishes. Onions, red oil with curry spices, and enormous bowls of bone-in goat legs and feet are the main components.

The tendons and cartilage around the joint become juicy and easy to chew after hours of steeping. However, the dish is also ideally cooked overnight. The red curry broth lifts the overall taste to extraordinary heights.

10.   Biriyani:

Biriyani may resemble pulao at first glance, but the two dishes are fundamentally different when it comes to tasting Biryani. You will find a different taste everywhere. Pulao, on the other hand, has somewhat similar ingredients and tastes. However, the Poet Restaurant has one of the most famous Biryanis in town.

The rice is boiled separately. While all the spices, mainly nutmeg, cardamom, and turmeric present in a different pan along with the meat. Moreover, the spices layers over the plain rice.

Final Verdict:

These top picks for traditional Pakistani cuisine in Lahore would be worth trying. Poet Restaurant has the rich culture of Lahore extracts and pours in the Dishes. However, one of the well-known Best Restaurants in Lahore to assist you in your journey in Pakistan.

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