What features make the Best Street Restaurants Lahore distinctive?

Desi Street restaurants are the hallmark of the Lahore streets. The best street restaurants make the public more energetic and fresh. Gawalmandi and Lakshami chowk food streets serve unique and live-cooked desi food. Likewise, MM Alam road food streets are another top attraction for food lovers.  Moreover, you can find the Best Street Restaurants Lahore around the Badshahi Mosque, Minar-e-Pakistan, as well as in the urban areas of the city.

Haveli restaurant, Cooco’s Den, Old Anarkali Food street, and the poet restaurant are the top food picks of Lahore. Although the Best street restaurants Lahore give off the same aroma, smoke, and traditional cuisines, there is some distinction. The prominent key features of each restaurant make it unique. What makes the Best desi Restaurants Lahore popular and public-friendly? This article is going to throw light on the eye-catching features of the poet restaurant. It will help you find the services of other best street restaurants also.

The Poet Boutique Restaurant

The Poet restaurant is an award-winning food place. Its Mughlai style interior, exterior, and cuisines stand it out as unique among competitors. Located in Imperial Lahore, it attracts nationals and foreigners equally. Visitors of Minar-e-Pakistan can find it near the Greater Iqbal Park.

Visitors of the poet boutique restaurant include it among the best street restaurants Lahore. Here are some services and core features of the restaurant that attract people all over the world.


The guests of the best restaurant enjoy dining in a royal ambiance. Traditional Mughlai food attracts the travelers and folks of the city. Some of the top foods at the restaurant include Chilam Dar biryani, Dumpukht pulao, Dumpukht Raan, grilled mutton Ribs, Darbari lamb chops, and many other desi recipes.

Furthermore, coupled with the major meals, the visitors can order the starters, drinks, and naans. Fish, rice, and many baked items are also delicious and popular among regular visitors.

Dining Ambience

The Poet restaurant, like other best street restaurants Lahore, reflects the culture of Lahore in its exterior and interior. The restaurant interior will take you in the times of Mughals. Who wants to miss dining in such a marvelous place? Attractive furniture, crockery, and walls of the restaurant impress the guests.

If you choose to dine in, the superb interior will enhance your dining experience. In the case of the dining out option, the dancing fountains and embellished exterior increase the beauty of dinner.

Free Amenities and properties

Unlike other best street restaurants, the Poet boutique restaurant possesses various unique properties and services. The restaurant visitors can enjoy several free services like:

·         Valet parking

The visitors of the restaurant can safely drive the motor vehicles inside the parking area. The facility of the valet parking is free and secured for all visitors.

·         Picturesque selfie with birds

Selfie lovers can get a selfie with beautiful and enchanting fancy birds. The colorful and unique imported birds catch the attention of the camera. In addition, the poet visitors grab several clicks with fancy birds. The purpose is to make the moments memorable and fun-filled.

·         Live Music nights

The poet restaurant is markedly unique among the best street restaurants.  Due to the promotion of cultural music, you will find often music lovers at the place. Royals and folks equally like the Qawali – a source of soothing heart and soul. Listening to the live Qawali sounds truly energetic. This screen-free music service is free to all visitors.

·         Golf Cart Ride

The golf cart ride makes the restaurant a choice of Royals. It is also free t the honorable guests.

         Dancing fountains

Kids and adults like to view the scenic beauty of dancing fountains. The blend of moving water and lights enhances the romance and charm of the night.

What Amenities are offered free to the Poet Boutique guests?

Restaurant administration cares for everyone. Whether it is your driver, maid, or an elderly person, you will find superb services for everyone. Likewise, here are some free services for the honorable guests are listed out:

  •         Wheelchairs for senior citizens
  •         Free food for maid/ driver
  •         The facility of the Power Bank
  •         Weekly Lucky Draw

To sum up, the best street restaurants in Lahore have much more than a description. Desi Traditional Food of Lahore makes the city popular worldwide. Folks are famous for enjoying selective and delectable food at the food points. However, to enjoy the best street food, you can visit any best street restaurant in Lahore. The visitors will find the taste of cultural food even on the little stalls and Dhabas.

Bottom Line

Finally, Lahore city is the hub of a variety of cuisines. You can get Chinese, Pakistani, and continental foods anywhere in the city. Not limited to large meals, the visitors can enjoy the fast food corners also. Further, you can enjoy live cooking and slowly baked food items as well. Rush to any best street restaurant to have a unique dine-in experience.

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