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Food, films and folk tales are synonymous with Lahore city and Lahoris. Where we remind Lahore due to its THOUSAND-YEARS old history and different eras of royal families, this city is also famous for the unlimited options to food items. So, we compiled a list of the Best Food in Lahore that you must try and use as a cheat sheet whenever you become overwhelmed in the decision-making process. The Poet Restaurant proudly presents you the 10 best food items that you must try once in your lifetime.

1. Halwa Puri & Lassi

Halwa Puri with a large glass of chilled lassi can win anyone’s heart. Along with its YUMMY taste, the making process is even more interesting when the small rolls of puri enter the hot oil. Fill the bite up with channa or eat it with Halwa as per your choice and you’ll not resist licking your fingers when it’s finished. And…the sip of lassi – after you finish eating puri – simply casts a spell!

 2. Chikar Cholay

If your mood is to eat something salty with rather a spicy touch then Chikar Cholay should be your choice. And the best part is that you can eat them at breakfast, try in lunch and even consider this tasty option at dinner. If you want to double the taste, add ‘Raita’ and you’ll find Chikar Cholay even more appetizing.

3. Lahori Chana Kofta

Lahori Chana Kofta is a unique concept that has gain traction lately amongst foodies and in those that love to experiment with their food. The mixture of spices and a particular way of cooking Lahori Chana Kofta needs a cook that has mastered the art of cooking otherwise you’ll not be able to enjoy the true taste of this dish.

4. Keema Naan

It is difficult to conclude the exact origin of naan as but one this is for sure that we can customize naan in any shape according to the mood. One popular types of Naan is Keema Naan that can go with any occasion and satisfy your hunger. If you feel out of ideas to eat out, you can opt for Keema Naan and enjoy it with raita and salad.

5. Nihari Naan

If you’re a true Lahori, you’d have eaten Nihari Naan several times in your lifetime. And if you’re yet to discover this delicious and mouthwatering dish, this is a perfect time. If you find yourself unable to think of the best food in Lahore, you can simply go for Nihari naan and feed your taste buds with something spicy and healthy.

6. Gol Gappay

During your quest to finding the best food in Lahore, one cannot just ignore ‘Gol Gappay’. This relish and crunchy food item allow you to enjoy the citric-like taste along with the munching sound. And that’s the only time when no one would judge you on sound making. (pun intended)

7. Lahori Charga

Still, no idea what to eat?

If you like meat and roasted dishes then you should try Lahori Charga which is on number 7 in our list of the best food in Lahore. You can eat it along with naan or enjoy the solo chicken and fill your appetite.

8. Kheer

Coming down to the 8th item in our list of the best food in Lahore. When everyone is done eating the delicious food, they want something sweet to complete their eating journey. And we believe that you should try kheer once you’re done eating your Chikar Chanay, Lahori Charga or Nihari Naan.

Do let us know about your favorite dishes that you want to include in your best food in Lahore. You can reserve a table to eat at The Poet Restaurant by calling on 0304 1112221 now.

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