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Nature has given us an organ – stomach – that is connected with both our heart and mind. But our food preference is influenced by various elements and it becomes hard to decide where to dine out. And if you’re like most people, you get a suggestion for selecting the Restaurants in Lahore to satisfy your hunger. The problem with suggestions is that you rely on others to share their experiences and until they do, you’re hanging in the middle of this ‘To-Eat or Not-To-Eat’ concept. To your surprise, our moods can help you in deciding a perfect place to eat out without even relying on other’s mercy. Come, let’s see how you can decide what to eat using your mood when you’re looking for the best restaurants in Lahore.


If you want to experience something salty or mildly spicy then you must be craving for Chinese food that fits best according to this description. Plus, you get to have various options to try in a Chinese restaurant and feed your taste buds with something healthy, mood changing and soothing. Soothing, because the atmosphere in all the Chinese restaurants in Lahore offers a calming ambiance with ideal lighting, strategically arranged tables and slow music that makes the whole experience memorable.


Apart from Italian culture, language and beautiful places, every one of us is fond of Italian food for various reasons. The experimentation with spice quantity in their food is what makes Italian cuisine a classic option. And, if you are feeling to eat at a classy place, you should really try the Italian restaurants in Lahore to experience a beautiful evening in conjunction with appetizing dishes. For making your evening tastier, classier and memorable, you should ditch the pasta and pizzas and give Bruschetta a shot that is a mixture of both vegetables and meat with a variable amount of salt.


Don’t want to select a classy option like Italian or Chinese? Well, you can opt for fast food like a hamburger, pizza or French fries maybe that provide you high carb. This is recommended for those that prefer eating during the journey instead of sitting inside of the restaurant. If you feel like arranging a long drive with your friends during the night, you can ditch the idea of checking-in to a restaurant in Lahore and take away the delicious fast food items as per your preference.


Lahore is known for its food and Mughal cuisine is quite famous for tourists, history lovers, and true Lahoris. If your patriotism is rising and you’re thinking to experience a total royal experience, you should find a Mughlai restaurant that offers ideal ambiance, tasty Mughlai food and a soothing ambiance that meets your description of Mughlai restaurants in Lahore. Imagine eating your favorite Mughlai food in the midst of the royal atmosphere, classical music, and an unforgettable environment?

The Poet Restaurant offers its wide variety of Mughlai cuisine with an amazing city view from its rooftop. Dial 0304 1112221 to reserve a table with us and experience Mughlai food at its best today!

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